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Moscow - Pereslavl Zalessky - Rostov the Great - Yaroslavl - Kostroma - Plyos - Suzdal Vladimir - Sergiev Posad - Moscow (6 days)
Москва — Переславль-Залесский — Ростов Великий — Ярославль — Кострома — Плёс — Суздаль — Владимир — Сергиев Посад — Москва
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*Указана минимальная цена на 1 человека. При оформлении тура необходимо указать тип путевки: полная или льготная. Право на предоставление льготы имеют школьники/студенты/пенсионеры.

Внимание! Конфигурация расположения кресел в салоне автобуса может не совпадать со схемой рассадки.

Внимание! При наборе группы до 16 человек для поездки предоставляется микроавтобус (типа Мерседес Спринтер, Форд Транзит и аналоги), при наборе группы от 17 до 35 человек для поездки предоставляется автобус среднего класса (типа Yutong, ShenLong, G. Dragon и аналоги), при наборе группы от  36 человек и выше для поездки предоставляется автобусы  большой вместимости (типа Мерседес, Неоплан, Ман и аналоги).

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Программа тура
День 1

Departure from Moscow to Pereslavl Zalessky (120 kilometers). Route excursion with tour guide.

City tour in Pereslavl Zalessky with the museum “The boat of Peter the Great” and old monasteries.

Lunch in a restaurant. 

Departure from Pereslavl Zalessky to Rostov the Great (60 kilometers).

An excursion “The old capital of the north-eastern Russia”: lake Nero, the Kekin’s gymnasium, the Monastery of St Jacob Saviour and the Varnitsky Holy Trinity Monastery that is located at the birthplace of  St Sergius of Radonezh.

Rostov Kremlin guided tour.

Departure from  Rostov the Great to Yaroslavl (60 kilometers).

Arrival to Yaroslavl. Check-in to the hotel Ring Premier Hotel **** .

Dinner in a restaurant.

День 2

Breakfast in a restaurant. 

City tour around Yaroslavl “The capital of the Golden Ring” including the visit to the monastery of the Transfiguration of our Saviour and the most   beautiful churches of the "golden age" of Yaroslavl, wich were built by the order of "yaroslavl`s Medichi" in XVII century. The entire historical center of the city since 2005 - the world heritage site of UNESCO.

Lunch in a restaurant.

An excursion to the palace of the Yaroslavl governors that is an art museum now. A fine linden park and a rich collection of the XVIII-XIX centuries painters works including K. Korovin and B. Kustodiev are situated there.

An excursion to the museum “Music and Time” (the first private museum in Russia).

Dinner in a restaurant.

День 3

Breakfast in a restaurant. Hotel check-out.

Departure from Yaroslavl to  Kostroma (75 kilometers).

An excursion “Kostroma is mon amour”: the Kremlin, the Susanin square, the Milk mount, the Ostrovsky theatre, Upper and Lower Debrya, the Church of the Resurrection, the Big Kostroma linen manufactory, Epiphany monastery etc.

Lunch in a restaurant.

The Ipatiev Monastery (Trinity Cathedral and the Romanovs palace).

Check-in to the hotel "Я-Отель" (the level of the hotel 4*).

Dinner in a restaurant.

День 4

Breakfast in a restaurant. Hotel check-out.

Departure from Kostroma to Plyos - “Russian Switzerland” (60 kilometers).

It is one of the smallest   as well as the most splendid and old towns in Russia. It is situated on a high hills (“mountains”) above the Volga river. Plyos – town of the great painters and a picturesque scenery. First fortress was founded here in 1141 by Prince Yuri Dolgoruky, founder of Moscow. It was destroyed by Mongol-Tatars in 1238. The second fortress was founded in 1410 by Vasiliy the First.

City tour around Plyos including the visit to the mountain of Freedom, the Volga embankment, Torgovaya square and the house-museum of the famous russian artist Levitan.

Lunch in a restaurant.

Departure from Plyos to Suzdal (140 kilometers).

Check-in to the hotel   Sokol   (the level of the hotel 4*)

Dinner in a restaurant.


День 5

Breakfast in a restaurant. 

Suzdal City Tour including the visit to the observation platform, old trade rows, Suzdal Kremlin, museum of wooden architecture and one of the old monasteries.

Lunch in a restaurant.

Free time.

Dinner in a restaurant.

День 6

Breakfast in a restaurant. Hotel check-out.

Departure from Suzdal to Vladimir (40 kilometers).

City Tour of Vladimir, means guests can see sights such as Golden Gate - one of the symbols of the city, observation platform, the Uspensky (Assumption) Cathedral - the world heritage site of UNESCO (vivid example of famous Vladimir-Suzdal white stone architecture).

Lunch in a restaurant.

Departure from Vladimir   to Sergiev Posad (170 kilometers).

City tour in Sergiev Posad including the visit to Lavra of the Holy Trinity and St. Sergius (3 churches). Lavra is the most important russian monastery, the spiritual centre of the Russian Orthodox Church and the world heritage site of UNESCO.

Departure from Sergiev Posad to  Moscow (70 kilometers).

The price includes: accommodation, transport (a car or a bus), meals according to the program, excursions, tickets to the museums.

 The price in euro for a person for standard rooms dbl twin

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